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Revised October 13, 2019

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This Limited Lifetime Product Warranty to which the purchaser declares to adhere without restriction or qualification applies to all sales concluded through the http://www.evivault.com website.

The manufacturer’s lifetime product warranty

We are confident in the quality of our products and we guarantee that all items will be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the products. If you think an item has a manufacturing defect, send it back to us and inspect it. If we determine that your product is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product, or, if we think it is necessary, we will replace it. If the item is no longer available, Fullsecure may, at its own discretion, replace it with a similar item or authorize a refund equal to the purchase price of the original item or component.

If we determine that the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and we will let you know if it is possible to repair it. A preliminary estimate will be proposed before repair.

Please note that slight irregularities and variations in the craftsmanship of the products on their appearance are unique and unique to each product. These characteristics form the character of the product, and they should not be considered as manufacturing defects.

FULLSECURE grants an extension of warranty for life after the 5 years of the standard warranty subject to application for registration of the product by the customer within 3 months after the purchase of the product. In order for the application to be valid, the customer must provide proof of purchase and complete an online application for registration of the product.

Scope of the guarantee

The warranty covers all malfunctions and manufacturing of NFC Rugged Tag EviVault and NFC Card EviVault products of the brand FULLSECURE under normal conditions of use.

Establishment of a warranty claim

FULLSECURE carries out an expert appraisal of the product that is the object of a complaint from the customer and decides, according to its appreciation, whether it is covered by the FULLSECURE warranty. If the disputed product is covered by the FULLSECURE guarantee standards, the latter will either repair the product by its after-sales service, replace the defective parts or replace the disputed product with an identical product. If the disputed product is no longer available in the FULLSECURE range, it will offer the customer an equivalent product. The costs of setting up a justified warranty claim are covered by FULLSECURE.

Territorial Limit of the Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

The lifetime warranty is limited to 30 years in Germany and Canada, and in all regions that recognize the limited lifetime warranty.

Exclusion of the guarantee

During the warranty period, the following damages are not covered:

Improper use of the product

Normal wear of the product

Non-compliance with normal conditions of use

Brute force not detected by the embedded black box

Case and / or physically damaged support

Damage to the product caused by shocks or accidents

Inadequate storage of the product

Product accessories

Application of the guarantee abroad

The scope of the FULLSECURE warranty is international. This warranty offer applies to all customers of www.evivault.com.

This warranty offer does not affect or limit any rights arising from any manufacturing defect which originated from the purchase of the product outside the official sales outlets. If you wish to assert your legal rights under the warranty, please contact the merchant from whom you purchased the product.

For any questions regarding the FULLSECURE warranty, please contact the RMA service by clicking HERE:


RMA service

Av. Copríncep de Gaulle, núm. 13

Edifici Valira planta Baixa

AD700 Escaldes – Engordany

Please keep the invoice and / or the receipt after the purchase. Proof of purchase will be required for any warranty claim

(*) according to the type of guarantee applied to each product without their accessories.