The genesis of EviVault

It all started in 2009, when the inventor Jacques Gascuel designed safety systems for electrical appliances with an untransifiable electronic black box. A black box dedicated to receiving sensitive data. It can be consulted via an NFC contactless communication protocol. A technology that was then embedded in 2014 in EviKey, an USB drive and EviDisk a SSD drive, both dedicated to offline backup of sensitive data.
In early 2016, the inventor has designed EviTag and EviCard, sensitive data backup devices dedicated to passwords, bank cards and segmented encryption keys for encrypted e-mail that works “peer-to-peer”. A technology that operates autonomously, without batteries, physically isolated from computer networks.
The Freemindtronic design office designs an EviToken platform developed on all Jacques Gascuel’s patented technologies. The first functional device was presented by the inventor on November 10, 2016 at the Ecole Militaire in Paris during the 4th Parliamentary Meeting of Cybersecurity # RPCyber2016. Click here to watch the interview video of the inventor and here to learn more about the event.
The first implementation born of this platform in July 2018 is EviPro, EviPlus and EviOne.C. A professional range of products that can save crypto assets.
In May 2019, the idea was born of creating EviVault, a very long-lived Cold Storage Wallet via the platform. An all-in-one product dedicated to cryptocurrency storage and password management, with a system to fight against phishing risks.
The first version of EviVault has been on the market since 2 October 2019. It was presented for the first time to the public that day by Jacques Gascuel, at the round table “STO: Towards a new revolution in corporate finance” at La Mêlée Numérique in Toulouse (France).
This is an innovation that can store encrypted data for 40 years, without battery, without data maintenance. Itis possible to make more than one million records, without error. An ideal solution for intensive use. It is the first product of its kind that combines durability and availability. It is especially the speed and simplicity of use of the product that provides a keen interest among beginners as well as advanced users. Indeed, it is devoid of connector and screen, and works without contact, via an Android NFC smartphone.

For more information, see the User Manual.