Technical information Cold Wallet EviVault

Datasheet EviVault (Rugged NFC Tag Key Fob)

Retention time of encrypted data without an energy source 40 years
Number of record cycles without risk of error 1 million
Memory type Eprom
Eprom memory size 64ko
NDEF Not available
Batteryless NFC Energy harvesting
Communication protocol NFC (ISO/IEC 15693) / Compatible  (ISO/CEI 14443)
Compatible Terminals NFC Android smartphone, tablet, …
Version Android from 4.4 and later
Recording numbers Up to 64 private and public keys or seed phrases BIP39 or login credentials
Type of characters allowed Standard ASCII

Numeric & physical security

Type of access control MFA Up to 5 configurable authentication factors
Brute force protection Hardware & software
Number of tests before un-pairing
3 by default. Configurable up to 15
Unic pairing key 1
Administrator password 1
User password
Number of individual security possible per registration Up to 3 configurable physical blockchain elements
Biometric control Fingerprint if smartphone is equipped
Sharing encrypted data By public key RSA 4096
Wifi communication protocols encryption Automatical dynamic management of AES 256 encryption keys

Physical properties

EviVault operating temperature  -40° C  (-40° F) to +85°C  ( 185° F)

PCB Electronics

PCB FR-4 Standard Tg 150°C
Operating temperature 150°C (302 °F)
Coating PCB Protection degree IEC 60529 IP89k
Coating Physical protection index of the electronic card with coating
  • Resistance to flame: UL94 V-0
  • Thermal resistance: -60°C to 200°C (-76 °F to 392 °F)
  • Resistance to pressure 105 MPa
  • Hardness level: Shore D
  • Resistance to acids
  • Resistant to immersion in water
  • X-Ray resistant
  • Resistant to the magnetic field
  • Electric shock resistance


Material ABS
Color Green
Dimensions  1.34 x 1.10 inch (34.5×28 mm)
Maximum continuous operating temperature -20°C to +80°C / -4°F to 176°F
Softening point 107°C / 225°F
Melting temperature 225°C / 437°F
Penetration hardness 11400 to 18700 psi
Acid resistance Aqueous acids, bases, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, alcohols and animal, vegetable and mineral oils
Acid not resist Concentrated sulphuric and nitric acids
Soluble  Esters, ketones, ethylene dichloride or acetone.
Thickness  0.24 inch (6 mm)
Weight  0.10 once (3.9 gr)


Conceived and developed by Freemindtronic SL Principat Andorra
Manufacturer’s warranty Garantie à vie (produit d’échange principal défectueux contre produit neuf) cliquez ici pour voir les conditions.